How much does website design cost in Ireland?

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How much does website design cost in Ireland? It’s too confusing!

Wow, you know you you’re right. I literally do not know how any of our clients decided. OK, I do because I asked them but you get the point. There’s a quality price decision matrix going on. Yes, it can be appealing being offered website design at a something ninety nine price! Probably, a younger me when starting out in business would have jumped at it. Older me stops and checks, realises all the long hours and hard work went in to getting the business this far and thus I probably increase my ‘Quality’ side of the decision matrix over price. I want a website that reflects what I think of my business. A website I’m proud to put out front and centre. Most importantly I want a website that will help me into the future. That help could be generating more business. What we see a lot though, clients want some of the customer interactions automated. Yes, automated but why? It reduces the hours they must work but also in most circumstances’ customer prefer it too!

So, quality is more important to me than price. Well yes but it’s not all about quality either, I’m not made of money! Like any decision process do the research, get the quotes, look at previous work and ask for references. Wait what, references! Yes, any design company worth their salt is more than happy to put you in touch with previous clients.

I’ve been offered a low ball price straight away, I’m not sure I can resist it! I’m back to these dollar ninety nine websites again. I’ll put it this way I recently built a house but if I rang a builder for a quote and he asked me how many bedrooms there is and gave me a dollar ninety nine quote based on that then I’d politely hang up. Imagine, 3 bedroom house is X and 4 bedroom house is Y!! Eh, no thank you I would like my house to; (a) look like the plans, and (b) not fall down!

It’s frustrating not getting a quote straight away but you should be more worried if you do. The only way to properly quote a website is through a consultation. It’s not until you properly have a chat with someone do you get to know their business and what the website entails. Sure, we could churn out ready-made websites for people, but I firmly believe when the dust settles that’s not what they want or need. It can be appealing but what the customer is left with is a product not to get excited about and what we are left with is a client that their experience was really only ‘Meh’!

A quote should be calculated as per effort and effort changes from client to client of from website to website. This effort is calculated in hours or days and is then in turned multiplied by the rate per hour that is sustainable and profitable. How can I give you a quote without first knowing what you want? This must mean that I’m quoting you based on what I intend to give you and ignore what you actually want or need in a website! Think about this, as a business owner and what the business means to you. Do you want a website I give everyone or do you want a website created for you?

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